Chief Virtual Officer

Chief Virtual Officer

Lynn Edwards

Sometimes you just know that it’s time to make a drastic life change…no matter what the risk.  That’s exactly what Lynn did in 2006 when she started Virtual Excellence Business Solutions.  

Now with her 3rd child…. finally a girl, Lynn decided that she would no longer pay the enormous child care fees to day care centers, left her executive administrative assistant job and began working as a stay-at-home mom and virtual assistant in her own practice. With few clients,  she discovered her love and passion for all things online.  At that time, the internet was fairly new to the regular Joe and becoming very active.  With new options for streamlining business systems and practices emerging all the time, it allowed her to take all of the 20 years of administrative knowledge and apply it to the comfort and ease she felt working online.  What an awesome fit.  Spending hours a day in research and discovery of new and trending tech tools made her a “go to” resource for clients and friends looking for the most efficient ways to work online.

Over the years, Lynn has become totally passionate about collaborating with clients assisting them in establishing online visibility and teaching them how to bring administrative structure and organization to their businesses.

Lynn has been helping authors, coaches, speakers and small businesses by developing key strategies to target online visibility since 2006. She has been a regular social media contributor on one of the top featured Blog Talk Radio shows, Got Clutter? Get Organized! .

Lynn is a strong motivator for her clients with a firm belief that having positive and skilled people in your corner is a key ingredient to definite success. Living in the Atlanta area, Lynn is enjoying life with her husband of 19 years and their 3 children.


Serving our online community since 2006, Virtual Excellence is proud that we have assisted dozens of businesses on the world wide web.

Work With Us

Everyone doesn’t fit in with your vision. Our primary clients are those who work as authors, coaches, consultants and speakers.  Within those groups, we envision working with these awesome types:

Our Clients

Those who are savvy and know the importance of an online presence.

check-bluemarkThose who are as committed to the process of building their presence, as they would like their clients to be to their programs.

check-bluemarkThose who are ready to build and grow their brand by collaboration, not dictation.

check-bluemarkThose who respect pre-established boundaries.

check-bluemarkThose willing to learn and be taught as much as they teach.

check-bluemarkNewbies – we love working with those who are new to the whole idea of marketing your business online.  Let us catch you up to speed.


Not Our Clients

xmarksthespotThose who want to control every single step and micro manage.  We won’t work well together.

xmarksthespotThose who are afraid to try anything new.  You will miss out on so much.

xmarksthespotThose who want to visit their past bad experiences on this awesome opportunity.   We love our clients and are loyal and fair. Old things have to be passed away to allow new things to emerge.

xmarksthespotThose who will not commit to the process.  Not a good fit

xmarksthespot Those who procrastinate and need everything yesterday.  That won’t work



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