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Business Reset at the Top of the Year

The new year always brings an excitement and a great expectation of things to come. It’s a time where we think about leaving behind the things of the past and advancing forward with new passion and purpose. It can also be a time when we think about how to start over and begin again, anew and afresh. I like to call it a time reset.

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Don’t be a Jack!

While running a business requires wearing many hats, one thing that every business owner must learn is the importance of knowing when you don’t know something or when you don’t do something really well. The famous quote, “A Jack of all Trades is a Master of None” comes to mind in that when you wear many hats without being strongly focused on what it is you do best, it tends to cause you to slip, lose your grip and ultimately fail miserably at accomplishing your business, and even your life goals.

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Maintaining Social Media Relationships

In a recent interview I did with Janet M. Taylor on her hit Radio Show Got Clutter? Get Organized!, we discussed social media relationships and the importance of organizing and maintaining them. What a great show you may listen in or check out the summary below.

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New Year to Launch

Since this is my first blog of the new year I wanted to make it one that would bring some encouragement and hope for the year ahead.  With all of the challenges we encounter as business owners, entrepreneurs and just in life in general, it can often times weary us to...

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How to Quickly Clean Your Email Inbox

Everyone wants to have a neat, organized email inbox, but sometimes those emails just keep escaping you. You try to keep it together and you really do have great intentions on reading everything you have subscribed to but somehow that just doesn’t happen and now your inbox has skyrocketed into the hundreds even thousands of unread messages.

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The Business Workout

Our bodies need consistently healthy habits in order to stay in shape.  Our businesses are no different.  Working out the kinks in your biz won’t happen overnight; however, with a solid time management regimen, integral protocols and practices, you are headed in the...

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