The new year always brings an excitement and a great expectation of things to come.  It’s a time where we think about leaving behind the things of the past and advancing forward with new passion and purpose.  It can also be a time when we think about how to start over and begin anew and afresh.  I like to call it a time RESET.    

Over the course of an entire year there can be many things to bring a damper to a goal or vision and things will come to discourage you in your business.  Undergoing an examination and taking a greater level of inventory is necessary when you want to do things differently to achieve a superior stage of success.  

Listed are a few area where a reset can begin:

Mindset – The way we think is one of the biggest areas that affect us in business.  Some may think too small others may think more highly than they should about themselves and how well they are actually performing in business on a wide scale.  Gaining the proper perspective by being honest about yourself, your skills, what you are currently doing that is profitable and where you need to go will set you on the right path.  Accountability from a coach or group, will help you to create achievable goals and will bring about a fresh perspective,  and perhaps, help you to avoid making costly mistakes.

Equipment /Software– is it time for a new computer or cell phone?  Can you be as effective as you desire to be with your current level of software tools.  Give some thought to making adjustments in this major area.  Equipment and software costs can be a huge expense in a business, but determine how it’s going to help increase business and become more systematic in your approach to  accomplishing your day to day assignments in the long run.  

Systems and Protocols – what systems do you have in place that cause your business or organization to flow and function efficiently?  There could be things that may no longer work or may be outdated and may require closer examination in order to bring better alignment to your daily activities.  What does it look like when a new client or member of your group comes on board?  What is your response time for your inquiries online?  When was the last time you checked your sales funnels, autoresponders, and website contact page for efficiency accuracy and quality?  Have you received feedback from those you work with or desire to work with? Have you even surveyed them for quality analysis of your funnels?  

I recently signed up to become a part of a new group and I was excited until I began to receive all of the autoresponders with typos, outdated information, and a lack of personal touch.  While the program is great, the systems needs to be reset.  This forced me to check out my own systems to ensure a higher level of quality offered from my business.


Social media – analyze what worked in the previous year and what needs work.  Check your analytics for where you were able to see the most engagement and build upon that.  Set new goals for increase in followers and decide how to effectively reach and engage with your audience with the new technologies offered from your platforms so that it is productive and satisfying.  

Email marketing –  Did you reach your desired goal last year of sign ups to your lists?  Why or why not?  How was you overall open rate on your campaigns?  Look back at your analytics and examine the best content you offered and begin building around that for the upcoming year.  Look at your current headers and layouts and decide where you may want to reset your branding for your email marketing.

Website strategies- The website overhaul question… How often should I redo my website?  Inspect the look and feel of your site to make a reset decision.  If your content is fresh and updated, you may not need to do anything new for a while, but if you know you have been putting it off, find reasonable options to give your site a new look if cost is a factor.  But definitely put it in the budget for this year as one of the goals you will accomplish.

Reset your Goals  Sometimes we do things simply because it’s expected or just or because someone else is doing it and it seems to be working for them.  Listen to the pulse of your own business and create goals and plans that will help you succeed based on where you’re headed and what you know will be achievable. 

There you have it!  A way to reestablish yourself for a more profitable and successful year. Happy New Year! Happy New Business!  Happy New YOU!