While running a business requires wearing many hats, one thing that every business owner must  learn is the importance of knowing when you don’t know something or when you don’t do something really well.  The famous quote, “A Jack of all Trades is a  Master of None” comes to mind in that when you wear many hats without being strongly focused on what it is you do best, it tends to cause you to slip, lose your grip and ultimately fail miserably at accomplishing your business, and even your life goals.

This is a harsh reality that many end up discovering,  but often times only when it’s too late.  So I implore you, don’t be a Jack!  I want to encourage you to become a master at what you do best and learn to delegate the rest.  Stop trying to do it all in your business and become focused on ways to partner with people who have an answer to some of the places where you lack strength.  Particularly as it relates to your online marketing and media.  You know what we do? We think that it’s easy to throw up a few social media posts or do, what we intend to be, a quick update to our websites, but ultimately we waste more time in these areas because while we know a little bit, we may not know enough or even have enough valuable time to do it well, consistently and effectively.  We think we are saving a buck here and there but the time we use to get it completed could very well be used in creating vision and implementing new income producing strategies in our businesses.    

Here are some characteristics of a Jack to look out for in you life and business;

  1. Jacks fall flat with things that don’t interest them
  2. Jacks are overwhelmed
  3. Jacks are stressed
  4. Jacks give up easily when frustrated
  5. Jacks have more on their plates than necessary

So again, I would like to encourage you to come to grips with those things that cause you to be scattered and distracted from building and growing your business into the empire you have dreamed for it to become.  Seek out those you can connect with who have desire, passion and skill in the areas that you tend to be less successful with and allow them to run with your vision and produce the results you desire and deserve.

Instead of being a Jack, become the King or Queen of what you do best and delegate the rest!