Everyone wants to have a neat, organized email inbox, but sometimes those emails just keep escaping you.  You try to keep it together and you really do have great intentions on reading everything you have subscribed to but somehow that just doesn’t happen and now your inbox has skyrocketed into the hundreds even thousands of unread messages.


One of the most important things I like to stress about avoiding inbox overwhelm is developing a system that gives everything it’s own place.  You can do this by setting up filters and rules that assign emails being sent from so many different places to land in a specified place you have created just for it to go.  This is a great way to begin to make the necessary adjustments that give you an orderly inbox.  


Here is a really fast an easy way to clean your inbox and it should work in every email client.


First, locate your search bar.




Plug in the name of a particular email address or subscription name such as Facebook.  – (Social media items are best to delete since you can always view your notifications on their site.  No need to have them lingering in your inbox too.)


All emails associated with that word will come up.









Click select all.  If you notice that there is very old content that you’re not going to read, keep it checked. If there are items that are filtered because they have that name or email somewhere in the content, but you want to go back to it, simply un-check it.









Then click delete.  


Repeat for each email address, subscription or associated words in an email that you’d like to delete.  


This will help you clean your inbox without going through each and every single email, which can be daunting, can take a very long time and will probably result in you giving up and keeping your box cluttered.


Happy deleting.