Since this is my first blog of the new year I wanted to make it one that would bring some encouragement and hope for the year ahead.  With all of the challenges we encounter as business owners, entrepreneurs and just in life in general, it can often times weary us to the point that we don’t want to step up and step out to do that thing that you know has the potential to cause you to soar. Instead we can (and trust me I have been here many times) waddle in the puddle of complacency and just allow things to take a course to nowhere.

My theme this year in my business is LAUNCH!  I decided that fear of failure was not an option in 2016 and I have made plans for some awesome things that have been long overdue to come out of my business.  I am letting you in on a bit of my planning process so let’s step up, come alive and pursue all that is in our hearts to do.  

Be Clear on Your Launch Strategy.  What does it take to launch a new product, website or service.  Defining the specifics of what is needed will help you reach more people with the new offering to your audience .  You don’t need a full team to make it happen (however I don’t recommend doing it all yourself), but you will need some basic strategic planning to set things in motion to see your desired (or even close to your desired) results.


Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you should be the one doing it.  Make it a goals this year  to enlist the help of the pros.  We all know a little of this and a little of that but let this be the year that you consult with someone in several areas of your business (social media, websites, email marketing etc.) who can run with your vision to the point where you are seeing results almost immediately.  There is never anything wrong with asking for a little help every now and again, even when you’re the expert. Don’t go it alone.


Complete your action steps.  The best way to work your strategic plan is to have accountability.  No accountability leaves too much room for ambiguity, which will gives place to the ball being dropped and then nothing gets done. Get yourself connected with a coach, a friend, a spouse, a team member…someone who can help you keep your word to yourself that this will be the year you finally break out of the mold and launch into your next level. 


Excel online. Get access to all of the tools that you need to assist you with your planning and even maintaining your biz online.  There will always be the latest and the greatest tools available however, take a look at what you are currently using to determine if there is something else you can add to your online arsenal or how you may need to revamp what you are already using for optimum success.  I often find that we only use a fraction of the capabilities of most business tools online and offline for that matter. Giving a second glance at your current tools to determine it’s full capabilities and if its really what you need, will help you excel online. 

I have a feeling this is going to be your best year yet.  Share with me what you plan on launching this year.  I would be encouraged just by hearing from you and would love to encourage you also.

Happy Launching