Our bodies need consistently healthy habits in order to stay in shape.  Our businesses are no different.  Working out the kinks in your biz won’t happen overnight; however, with a solid time management regimen, integral protocols and practices, you are headed in the right direction.  Let’s do a little working out.


Step 1.  Be Ready to Bend but not Break Your Schedule

Setting a daily schedule makes for a good guide for how your day will run. However, things may not always go as planned.  You may have to be flexible while you’re still trying to stay on target.  Leave time in your schedule for the occasional emergency or last minute appointment but don’t make it a habit.

Step 2.   Stretch Your Resources

As business owners, we are often searching for the newest thing to help us become more efficient.  I can’t tell you how many products I’ve purchased, and seldom use them, if at all! Opt for the free or lowest cost version of a product to keep your resources strong.  If you find out later it’s worth it or you love it, by all means upgrade it.

Step 3.   Plan Your Diet

What are you bringing to the table of your business?  In order to grow stronger, updating your education, software, training and networking will make for a better you.  A better you makes for a better business.  Check out your business diet and determine what adjustments need to be made in your meal choices.

Step 4.  Run with Passion Again

We all begin our business with a passion for what we love; however, the business of running a business can stifle that passion.  Rediscover your business excitement.  Pick up the baton, and run again.

Step 5.  Trim the Fat

The hardest part of any workout can be cutting out those things you’re comfortable with but are no good for you.  Examine your team, lists of services and even the clients that may no longer fit your business model and make the tough decision to cut them.  It will be hard at first but profitable for your business in the long run.